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             Sadie and Alex's wedding in Florida

They got married on the same beach where their bride's parents got married long ago. 

The bride and the groom, their family and friends, and even the weather and the emotions were just so beautiful...

My experience with Melanie was nothing less than incredible. I'd worked with her prior to my wedding and she set my expectations very high. My wedding was in Florida, so I tried to find local photographers, but none of them came close to her quality and wow factor. Thankfully, Melanie was willing to make the trip and be there for the big day. She was very professional, easy to talk to and coordinate with. She was present and didn't miss a moment, from getting ready, to quiet moments with my new husband, all the way to sitting on the bathroom floor with my maid of honor. I've always been told that having a good wedding photographer is important for your big day and there is absolutely no one else I'd have wanted for the occasion.


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